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Understanding inter-office dynamics between employees can be a simple way to improve productivity and satisfaction.


Non-Verbal Communications account for 80% or more of the information we share with those around us. This includes body movements, gestures, tone of voice, facial expressions, external spaces and surroundings, and so much more.

Even if our interactions are not in person, Non-Verbal Communications is a huge part of these interactions. Verbal heuristics (how much or how little someone speaks, how fast or slow they speak) plays a large role when interacting with others online, video conferencing or phone conversations. As society moves to a larger online presence, with employees working from home or connecting around the world, understanding Non-Verbal Communications is crucial to maintaining optimal work flow.

Understanding Non-Verbal dynamics during personal and professional interactions provides the opportunity to make optimally informed decisions.

The ways in which Non-Verbal Communications can be used to enhance your business or group dynamics is endless. Understanding the inter-office dynamics between employees or group members can be a simple way to improve productivity and satisfaction. 

At Seeing Beyond we work with your business or group to assist in the understanding of these dynamics.

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