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Speaker / Presentation Style
(one person speaking to a group or crowd)


  • presentations

  • coaches

  • seminars

  • music / choir / chorus directors

  • teachers / professors 

Suggested Focus:​

  • crowd's reaction / receptiveness to what is being presented

  • ways that speaker / presenter can use Non-Verbal Communications during presentation so audience is more receptive

  • suggestion on room set-up to assist with audience receptiveness

Meeting Style


  • staff meetings

  • contract negotiations

  • interview panel

  • board meetings


Suggested Focus:​

  • ways to approach different people within the group to assist with receptiveness

  • understanding the power dynamic of the group

  • gauging group responsiveness through assessment of body language

Team / Group Project Style
(collaborative effort of two or more people)


  • sports teams

  • chorus / choir / quartets

  • event coordination

  • volunteer teams / organizations

  • group projects


Suggested Focus:

  • interaction between team / group members

  • understanding group dynamics to reduce misunderstandings

  • increase group productivity and efficiency

Service Industry Style
(customer service related business)


  • dentist / doctors offices

  • retail stores

  • massage therapy / physiotherapy / chiropractic clinics

  • restaurants

  • hotels

Suggested Focus:

  • customer service evaluations / client style observations

  • assess Non-Verbal Communication interaction between

    • employee and customer

    • employee and supervisor

    • employees with each other 

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